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XCEL Energy World Class Control Center

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Minneapolis, MN

data center design, mission critical, information technology

The control center was built to achieve two goals: cut costs and improve customer service. Xcel CEO Jim Howard explained the concept: “The name of the game in the power industry today is to get the cost out. We firmly believe that the way to do that is through technology in our transmission and distribution systems. This Center is aimed at driving our costs down and at the same time giving our customers the best possible service.”

It’s easy to see how Xcel has achieved its cost reduction goal. With the advent of the Control Center, Xcel has reduced the number 24-hour operating centers in its system from five to two. And, when necessary, the entire system can be operated from the Control Center.

data center design, mission critical, information technology

Gains in customer service are no less dramatic than those in cost savings. Previously Xcel personnel responsible for controlling aspects of the business couldn’t see each other’s information, so problem solving took much more time and effort. The Control Center allows operators to choose and combine the information they see.

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