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Manitoba Hydro

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Winnipeg, MB

Manitoba Hydro is the publicly owned power utility company for the Province of Manitoba. The new SCADA System Control Centre is a two-story 58,600 sq. ft. facility. The Control Center is the master control center for all the transmission and distribution for the utility from the hydro generating stations located in the northern regions of the province to the sub-distribution stations located throughout the province.

Services provided included the design of the telecommunications infrastructure, multimedia and broadcast systems, equipment layouts and project management to coordinate the facilities design team with the control centers business objectives and technology requirements. The facility was provided with four separate and diversified fiber optic entrance feeds from multiple metropolitan SONET rings to provide redundancy. The communication network requirements for the facility included a corporate LAN, multiple SCADA LANs mirrored to provide redundancy, microwave WAN, and a digital communications LAN interfaced to the utilities UHF/VHF/HF communications to provide redundancy in the event the telecommunication services from the carriers became disrupted.

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