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Reliable Resources provides comprehensive data center design, mission critical and IT consulting services worldwide.

Our senior staff have led over $3 billion in data center design, mission critical or information technology investments over the last twenty years. When high reliability and certainty of outcome are priorities, Reliable Resources is the only choice.

Our expertise and specific industry experience can eliminate wasted time and effort in identifying your data center design project needs, helping you meet your mission critical goals while saving time and money.

Recently listed among the best data center designers by Processor magazine

Don’t let your new or existing data center be an unknown quantity.

You should read Why Commissioning Matters and get answers for common questions people have about the data center commissioning process.

Also see Assessing Your Data Center, a new summary of how we can provide and objective and complete evaluation all aspects of your data center.

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Read our article on how to budget a data center project, then contact us for a free cost calculator in MS Excel format.

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No matter what your role, Reliable Resources can help with your data center planning and design needs.

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“Thanks for the calculator. Our whole ITS team from staff on up to the COO has been working on very detailed estimates for this project for the past several weeks. When I ran the numbers through your calculator it did in seconds what had taken many, many man hours. However, I was pleased to see that our estimates matched pretty closely with the calculator so I guess the premises we based our assumptions on were not too far off. Thanks again.”

Ron Williams
Assistant Director, Telecommunications and Networking Services
University of Texas at Austin