Core Competencies — Critical Technology Environment

Equipment used in data processing, storage and retrieval requires tight environmental controls and extremely reliable, high-quality power. In addition, the equipment generates a significant amount of heat that needs to be removed from the environment to keep the room temperature at or below the manufacturer’s maximum operating temperature limits. The space will often include a raised access floor used to distribute cabling, house cooling system piping and deliver conditioned air to the equipment through perforated tiles. The core competencies required for these areas are:

data center design, mission critical, information technology

  • Floor sealing systems
  • Vapor barrier construction
  • Structural floor loading and access floor selection
  • Environmental conditioning
  • Ventilation and pressurization
  • Room thermal dynamics
  • Rate-of-rise mitigation
  • Fire protection & suppression
  • Chilled water system piping and distribution
  • Humidification control
  • Power distribution
  • Power system and signal reference grounding
  • Rack layout and computer equipment connections
  • Uninterruptible power sources
  • Products of combustion detection
  • Dual path critical power circuiting
  • High-speed best power source selector switches
  • Room monitoring and control