Services—Design and Consulting Solutions

Roles & Responsibilities

Each client and project requires a custom approach to solving their unique problems. As consultants, we are often involved in the very earliest phases of planning and programming. As the project develops, we perform a variety of roles tailored to the successful outcome of the project.


Working with end-user organizations to assess needs and develop appropriate project criteria and objectives, our role at this level will assure an optimum alignment of scope, schedule and budget at the earliest stages. We work directly with departmental personnel to gain a detailed understanding of organizational processes and challenges, as well as with executives to understand the strategic goals that must be supported. Our involvement in subsequent phases is to keep the Project Team focused on these goals and to assist in translating goals and objectives into concrete solutions.


This service offering is provided for organizations that desire a single point of management accountability for project outcomes. We will use the project criteria to put an implementation team together, develop budgets and manage the schedule. Although contractual relationships will vary, the single point of responsibility will ensure appropriate accountability for performance and progress.


We can provide comprehensive programming, planning, and design services tailored to the project criteria. Our experience in facility design and IT best practices provide the basis for reliable solutions using reliable technologies from trusted resources. Reliable Resources is a fully licensed engineering firm with staff registered in all 50 states.


Our staff can provide comprehensive commissioning, re-commissioning and maintenance and operations documentation and training services to ensure that the facility and IT systems will continue to provide reliable service for many years. Annual surveys and periodic reviews are available that will ensure that industry standards are maintained.