Client Types—Roles and Responsibilities

End-user Organizations

We work seamlessly with corporate, institutional and government organizations to plan and design for mission-critical needs. Our roles and responsibilities are integrated into the organization to assist existing resources, and provide independent validation of internally developed planning documents.

Reliable Resources’ role begins when you anticipate anything that materially affects the integrated operation of your IT enterprise:

End-user Organization

  • Corporate relocations
  • New locations or expansions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Site consolidation
  • Replacement programs
  • Technology refresh programs
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

By engaging Reliable Resources early in the planning and project development activities, you can assure an early match between budget, scope and schedule.

Value Proposition

We bring enhanced value to any project due to the extensive knowledge base of our principals. With our experience in both facility infrastructure and information technology consulting, your senior staff are assured a comprehensive overview of processes and best practices that neither pure IT consultants nor facility engineers have.

We predicate every decision on the optimum deployment of available funds, resulting in lower overall costs and better performance.

Knowledge Bridge

Since facility executives receive very little formal training in information technology, and IT executives have very little training in facility management, a key benefit to the Reliable Resources team is the ability to communicate facility requirements to IT staff and IT requirements to facility staff. This bridging process will help build understanding and consensus within your organization as the project moves forward.