Markets and Case Studies—Reliable Infrastructure and Information Technology


Verizon, SBC, AT&T and Bellsouth consitute the largest telecom companies in the United States, but hundreds of other companies provide local, long distance and Internet services using their own networks and technology. The telecommunications industry has one of the most mature and reliable infrastructures in the industrialized world. Dial-tone service is almost synonymous with reliability. However, as the technology advances make packet switching more economical than old circuit-switching technology, telecom infrastructures will need to evolve. The Internet is perhaps the biggest driver in the development of IP based voice systems, and the ability to deliver voice and data over a unified and reliable network will be imperative in the future economy.

With a legacy of DC powered equipment, the old telecom world is clashing with the “new” world of AC powered IP based systems by Cisco, Juniper Networks and others from the Wintel environment. Critical infrastructure for telecomms is evolving into a homogenous network of both DC and AC power distribution utilizing both long-life batteries and engine generators for backup power sources. Reliable Resources has the tools and processes to develop a comprehensive roadmap for reliable telecom infrastructure for reliable solutions with reliable technologies from trusted resources.

Telecom — Case Histories

Client List

  • Amdocs
  • Brasil Telecom
  • CableCom
  • Exodus
  • Iowa Telecom
  • Level 3 Communications
  • NetASPx
  • OptiGlobe Communications
  • PSINet
  • RagingWire Telecommunications
  • Savvis