Core Competencies — Information Technology

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“We can identify opportunities and increase efficiency and reliability of the entire service stack,” says Senior Enterprise Architect, Tim Kunau. “Our holistic process provides a unique approach to IT-driven facilities design and deployment.”

Reliable Resources provides a unique suite of services to the data center market that have traditionally been approached in isolation. Reliable Resources is staffed with industry experts in both facilities engineering and information technologies, providing an integrated IT Technology and Data Center Facilities Engineering consulting service.

The technology services provided by Reliable Resources can be summarized into four main offerings:

data center design, mission critical, information technology

Strategic Planning to identify how data center compute processing technologies can best be implemented to meet business objectives within identified constraints. Strategic directives are provided to guide future compute processing technology architecture, topology, vendor services, and BC/DR decisions.

Growth Analysis to identify space, power and cooling infrastructure requirements to support long term objectives. Internally developed processes are used to provide a detailed growth estimate based on the unique compute processing technologies of each client.

Needs Assessment / Design to identify data center compute processing technology requirements, plan and design appropriate information architectures and topologies, develop RFPs to be issued to suitable vendors that can meet the determined objectives..

Implementation Project Management to guide each client through the RFP process including vendor interviews and selection, proof-of-concept testing, contract negotiations, implementation coordination, system testing and final acceptance.

Reliable Resources senior technology staff are industry experts in providing the main service offerings noted above across all the critical technology platforms within the data center. The technologies that Reliable Resources provide independent consulting services for include:

data center design, mission critical, information technology

Application development and deployment such as HPC, virtualization, virtual motion, database management techniques, data integrity and life-cycle procedures, security compliance, and enterprise information architecture. Designing solutions that optimize the flow of data information for critical and complex applications.

Compute Processing Technology Platforms including servers, blade chassis, high performance grid computing, Cloud computing, virtual server, virtual motion, and enterprise storage solutions such as SAN, NAS, tape libraries and virtual tape.

Local Area Networks with the required level of resiliency and redundancy to support the critical applications, meeting BC/DR objectives. LAN to include the enterprise core network, segregation of campus networks from critical data center networks, development of suitable distribution and/or access network topologies.

Wide Area Networks with suitable service offerings from service providers to meet the traffic requirements and communication patterns, validating the level of resiliency and redundancy of each vendor beyond the first central office node. Providing financial analysis of the service provider’s solutions and assisting in contract negotiations.

Data Center Space Planning to provide a detailed design for equipment racks and cabinets specific for each compute processing platform including; ventilation criteria, physical dimensions, power connection requirements, power cable and network cable management suitable for the specific applications. Develop optimal equipment layouts to provide the highest space utilization available. Coordinate all non-IT related equipment layouts within the data center with facilities Architectural/Engineering design parameters to ensure IT objectives and design criteria are not restricted. Develop IT project schedules that coordinates all IT related tasks with the work of the facilities design and construction teams.

Network Cabling Infrastructure including developing a detailed pathway design for the network cable plant to meet the initial and future technology interconnectivity needs. Develop detailed network copper and fiber optic cable plant design & specifications, identifying initial “move-in” build and future expansion considerations.

“Green” Data Center Analysis to assist client’s in investing in appropriate solutions that minimize the impact on our environment and provide the compute processing capabilities with efficient use of utility resources. Reliable Resources is uniquely capable in providing “Green” data center analysis services in that we do not solely look at facilities infrastructure like a traditional facilities Architect or Engineering consultant. Neither do we solely look at the technologies to evaluate power efficiencies of CPU chips, CPU or disk array utilization. Reliable Resources integrated IT Technology and Data Center Facilities Engineering consulting services provides “Green” data center analysis in a holistic approach, providing our clients with recommendations that have the greatest impact with the resources available.